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First Class Seating is a priority for many travelers and non-negotiable for others.  If you have had the opportunity to be seated up front in the Wide Seats with Extra Legroom of First Class or have even stretched out in your First-Class Cabin Sleeper Seat and awoken before landing in Paris completely refreshed and ready to take on your first day of vacation, you will never want to fly in an economy seat again.

Have you put off going on your Dream Vacation because flying in Economy Class for 5, 8, 10 or even 20 hours is uncomfortable, unmanageable and frightening?

First and Business Class seating can be surprisingly less than you may think it is.  Premium Seating Airfare to some destinations can be just slightly more than economy fares based upon your destination, the time of year you are traveling, airline promotions, and the contracts our agency and wholesalers with whom we partner have.

Book Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

Virgin Atlantic Upper class

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Why waste your first day of vacation over a lack of sleep?

With over 26 years of International, Corporate, and Luxury Vacation Planning experience we have become experts in locating discounted and wholesale First and Business Class Airfare.

Discounted First and Business Class airfare is available through our network of Air Consolidators, our own airline contracts, and via tour operators when we book hotel rooms and/or a car rental with your Premium Class Ticket.

The advantage of booking your vacation package which include not only your first class air, but your hotel, transfers, a car rental and even excursions, tours, or a cruise, is that many times you can book ahead with a low deposit and complete your final payment 45 to 60 days prior to departure.


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