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"The 'Perfect Honeymoon'. What does this even mean?"

If you have ever started planning a honeymoon or romantic getaway, you’ve undoubtedly seen headlines stating, ‘The Perfect Honeymoon’.

The question following this should be, “By whose standards?”

After a lengthy planning process with stressful decisions, dynamic personality encounters, and attempting to please everyone, the idea of a condensed pre-fabricated honeymoon package as you’ve seen a thousand times in condensed flashing ads online may not your idea of the ‘Perfect Dream Honeymoon’.

The truth is that each couple has a personal vision of what encompasses the ideal honeymoon for their tastes and lifestyle. When you’ve planned a wedding that has been fully customized, why should you not do the same for the vacation which is the springboard to your lives as a married couple?

Over Water Villa Jamaica

The answer is that you deserve to treat yourself to the very best experience which will provide you with the perks of a Rock Star and the journey which encompasses your shared desires and interests.

Your honeymoon needs to have a ‘WOW Factor’! And you certainly want to share some of the images of where you went on your trip and the amazing hotel with luxurious amenities fit for the celebrity you are, right?

I always suggest starting at the top. Set aside some time, away from loving, but meddling family and friends who will certainly voice their opinions. They will tell you what they wanted on their honeymoon (yes, that’s past tense) so they can honeymoon vicariously with you, and then there is always the cousin of a friend’s brother that works with your aunt who went on their honeymoon in 1988 to this All-Inclusive resort in Mexico, but they can’t remember which one it was.

Once you and your fiancé find some quiet time together, alone, start brainstorming. A good idea is to first think about where you have traveled together in the past. It does not matter if it was a short weekend getaway to Chicago, a beach vacation in Florida, or even a wedding you attended over a long weekend. If you’ve been in school for the last few years, you may not have had time to take vacations, so have some dialogue about destinations where you’ve traveled with your family, friends, or even school sponsored trips.

  1. What were the destinations?

  2. What did you like most about the vacation?

  3. Is there anything you would not like to repeat?

  4. Where is the world have you always wanted to visit and why?

A good suggestion is to narrow types locations, or a general region down to no more than 3. You can always add or remove the destinations later, but limiting the number to start alleviates the feeling of being overwhelmed with the entire planet.

Venice Honeymoon

The next step is to think about the type of vacation you would like to consider. You may already know that the “Over the Water Bungalow” is style of accommodations you’re going to book, but may not know which one. Perhaps a journey through Europe exploring the culture, cuisine, and wine in several countries is more in line with your interests. It could be a ‘toss up’ and you need more information to make the best decision, regardless of the country or resort.

  1. What types of hotels or resorts do you have in mind? Are you considering a cruise? Visit several destinations, unpack once, and do as much or as little as you wish?

  2. Could it be an authentic experience at small boutique hotels, or the best suite at luxury brand resort that has locations worldwide, but is known for their excellent service and amenities?

What do you absolutely want, regardless of the type of honeymoon?In other words, “What is non-negotiable?”

  1. King Bed with glass bottom floors steps from your private pool?

  2. First or Business Class Air?

  3. Suite with Ocean View or Balcony overlooking the Canals in Venice?

  4. Would you like it to be all-inclusive or with some inclusions?

  5. Would you like a spa or golf course on property?

  6. Private Tours with an English-Speaking Guides?

There is no reason that you cannot ‘brand’ your vacation with your names. It’s all about you! These are the initial steps in creating your honeymoon. Don’t get caught up in the ‘how’, as trying to create a logistical strategy in your mind before engaging with a professional may remove an option before learning that you can have it all!

An experienced travel consultant listens first. We also have access to amenities, negotiated rates, and experiences that are not always found online. I have partnerships with trusted suppliers who will go t

he extra mile for my agency’s clients and will deliver the perks that an anonymous reservations agent may not have the ability to provide. Utilizing the services of a professional also saves you precious time, alleviates frustration, and who doesn’t love a personal shopper?

To learn more about creating a customized, luxury honeymoon, schedule your complimentary consultation at . You may also call (855) 424-6588 Ext. 710

Lindsay Larrabee Heabel

Luxury Romance Specialist

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